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PROPERTY VALUATION: The Professional Way.

Valuation of real estate assets is essential for a variety of purposes: balance sheets, loan security, rating, taxation, rent review, compulsory purchase investment, sales, public listing or other specialist uses. It is absolutely essential that accurate determination of the values is achieved; anything otherwise may cause great loss.

We have specialists with capabilities of valuing any forms of real estate, be it an office building, hotel, a condominium block, a retail centre, houses, a sport complex, factories, plantations, tin mines, development sites, jungle land, golf course or industrial lots.

AGENCY: A Dynamic Approach to Buying and Selling

Our vast experience of the property market gives our Agency Department a considerable advantage when acquiring, disposing or leasing of properties for our clients. Our detailed knowledge of the market place together with proven marketing and negotiation skills ensure that we consistently achieved the results we seek. We are able to handle the full range of residential, commercial and industrial properties. In addition, we are able to advise on the development of land and the regeneration of buildings to find the best economic solution. We will help you optimize the potential of any such development opportunity.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: The Path to Value Enhancement.

Whatever type of property you own, from lockup shops to fully service city complexes, we can take the burden of management off your shoulders. Our fully computerized accounting system means we keep the closest possible control of expenditure and arrears, and provide detailed client accounting. As well as being constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance the value of your property, we can also ensure that maintenance is prompt to minimize expenditure, and that lease renewals and rent reviews are handled efficiently. Our experience in property management means we are able to handle everything from cleaning to landscaping to security and refurbishment.


If your company is facing an imminent rent review or lease renewal, our day-to-day familiarity with the market is invaluable in haling you and your landlord arrive at an equitable settlement, our skills in valuation, negotiation techniques and our understanding of case laws will ensure the best deal for your company.

In addition, we able to act for landlords to ensure that a rent is set which fairly reflects the worth of the property. We can act as an Independent Expert or Arbitrator, and such can provide up to the minute advice on rent reviews and lease renewals.

RESEACH SURVEY & CONSULTANCY: Your Tool in Property Investment & Development

As the process of property development becomes more complicated and competitive and property investment decision gaining in sophistication, the need for market research and survey is felt to be more urgent than ever before. Whether you are a housing developer about to formulate your layout plan or an institution contemplating on a multi-million purchase, the role that market research plays is often central and critical to the success or failure of your scheme.

Our Research & Survey Department has undertaken property consultancy works ranging from housing projects to golf courses to warehousing and industrial development. We are able to advise developers, which based on our in-depth knowledge of market demand, on the acquisition or disposal strategy of sites or properties for development or redevelopment purposes. Our advice and reports have assisted our clients in achieving success in many of their plans, and help other to avoid investment decisions which would have been imprudent.

PLANT & MACHINERY : Your Valuation and Disposal Specialists.

Our skill and expertise in Plant & Machinery Consultancy have gained worldwide recognition. We are a recognized industry leader in Malaysia. Our experience lies in two distinct areas of the business – valuation and disposal.

Our valuation experience has been derived from dealing with a wide range of industries. Valuation assignments have been commissioned for insurance, balance sheet, financial statements, privatization, merger, acquisition, takeover, liquidation, loan, taxation, compulsory purchase, sale and multitude of other purposes.

We are thus in the position to provide the services for even the most complicated assignments and are confident of producing satisfactory results for the clients.


Through our many contacts in the market place, we are often to find our clients the particular machinery they are looking for. Equally, we may be able to find clients a buyer for an item of equipment without having to incur the expense of marketing.

PROPERTY AUCTION – The alternative method of disposal

At Henry Butcher Asset Auctioneers (HBAA), we understand our client’s painstaking and time-consuming task of selling, buying and renting of properties. To meet our customers’ needs more effectively, we constantly seek to explore innovative and effective sale methods, which will attain the best possible capital and rental value for our client’s property.

Sale of properties by way of private auction is a very common and successful method of sale practiced in more mature property markets overseas. Property auction is no longer a method used by banks to foreclose a property under non-performing loan. Private owners can also opt for this method of disposal.


For the property investors and developers who look to professional and independent management of their building projects, we will be able to provide the expertise and team to handle any nature of real estate development be it high-rise office tower or large housing projects alike. We understand fully the importance of budget monitoring, quality control, and time scheduling to ensure that the final product is completed at the minimum costs, shortest time and yet display qualities that satisfy stringent critics.

PROJECT MARKETING: A Comprehensive Service

Our in-depth understanding of the concept of marketing, the ability to provide a comprehensive package of services, and a dynamic and dedicated sales team, have enabled us to handle a wide portfolio of projects with success.

Our service in project marketing begins right from the concept inception to sales launch and right through to completion. We provide advice and consultancy on design details, pricing strategy, promotion planning and market survey. We coordinate with the advertising agency, set up show unit, provide the marketing team and we can handle the full range of sale administration duties.


If your wish to dispose your existing business or acquire new companies, our Business Brokerage Department can help. We will, at all times, maintain absolute confidentiality.

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