Dutch company opens its second plant in Penang

ACTIFORCE, a renowned global leader in the furniture components industry hailing from the Netherlands, has marked a significant achievement by officially inaugurating its state-of-the-art plant in Penang.

The new facility, located at the Bukit Minyak industrial area, spans approximately 13,300sq ft.

This marks Actiforce’s second plant in Penang, complementing the first, which has been operational in the same industrial area since 2004.

Actiforce is an integral part of the Hettich Group in Germany, renowned as one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings.

Hettich Group owner and chairman Dr Andreas Hettich anticipated the new plant would yield a revenue of RM148 million in 2024, with 99% of it attributed to the export market.

“The high-technology facility stands as a testament to Actiforce’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and continued growth.

“This RM50 million manufacturing facility will play a pivotal role in the holistic production of integrated furnishing tools for ergonomic furniture designs and solutions.

“Our focus is on utilising the finest raw materials, maintaining stringent product quality control, and achieving distribution targets,” Dr Andreas said in his speech before Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, officiated the new manufacturing facility today.

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Also present were Penang Trade, Entrepreneurial Development and Rural Development Committee chairman Rashidi Zinol, InvestPenang chief executive officer Datuk Loo Lee Lian, Penang Mida (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) director Muhammad Ghaddaffi Sardar Mohamed, Actiforce chief financial officer Harry Slingerland, Actiforce chief innovation officer Holger Fricke, Hettich Group managing directors Michael Lehmkuhl and Jana Schönfeld.

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Dr Andreas added that Actiforce’s new plant would serve as the hub for research and development (R&D), manufacturing and distribution of furniture fittings.

“This is important for us to cater to international markets, namely Europe and the United States, as this will be instrumental in Actiforce’s global expansion.

“The company also aims to enhance the local economy, generate employment opportunities for the local community, and solidify its position as a key contributor to regional prosperity,” he said.

Dr Andreas emphasised that Actiforce is dedicated to smart manufacturing practices, utilising its state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge machinery.

“Our investments in specialised robotic welding and TRUMPF machines aim to revolutionise manufacturing processes, guaranteeing precision, speed, and adaptability.

“This initiative empowers Actiforce to elevate productivity, minimise wastage, prioritise sustainability, and uphold workplace safety.

“The goal is to manufacture outstanding and efficient products that are not only industry-relevant but also set the company apart in the market,” he said.

Dr Andreas also announced that the opening of the new plant would pave the way towards creating employment opportunities for local talents across various categories.

He said currently, Actiforce has over 50 high-quality talents.

“As the business expands, we anticipate a threefold increase in the workforce, creating job opportunities for a diverse range of specialists and generalists,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chow commended Actiforce on achieving a significant milestone with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art factory in Penang.

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Chow commended Actiforce on achieving a significant milestone with the inauguration of its state-of-the-art factory in Penang.


He highlighted that Actiforce specialises in manufacturing furniture and living solutions crucial for diverse spaces such as homes, offices, industry, hospitality, education, and care services.

Their core products are mainly adjusted table frames, hinges, and control units, amongst others.

“Today marks the celebration of Actiforce’s new manufacturing facility, a significant achievement after nearly two decades of operation in Penang.

“This state-of-the-art factory stands as a testament to Penang’s robust industrial ecosystem, instilling confidence in industrial players and providing opportunities for expansion, development, and elevated growth.

“Acknowledged for our well-developed industrial ecosystem, Penang takes pride in hosting Actiforce, showcasing our capacities and capabilities to support the evolving needs of industrial players in next-generation technologies and growth strategies.

“I am optimistic that Actiforce will continue to derive numerous benefits from its operations in Penang,” said Chow.


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